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Rum Reviews


Ron del Barrilito "Superior Especial" Puerto Rican Rum

Full flavor along with sweet, nutty, oak and carmel. A bit harsh.

43% Alcohol

Rating:  80 (not recommended)

Zaya Gran Reserva 12 Year Old Trinidad Rum

Carmel, spice, vanilla, oak and really smooth.  This is a complex rum in complete balance.

40% Alcohol

Rating:  93 (Highly Recommended)

Royal Saint James Ambre St. James Rum

Hot with spice, vanilla, earth and a lot of water on the palate.  Not something I would want to sip but blended it would work.

45% Alcohol

Rating:  85 (recommended)

Bacardi "8" Ron Reserve Superior Bahamas Rum

Floral, oak, vanilla, hazel nuts and subtle spices.  Smooth overall and very drinkable.

40% Alcohol

Rating:  91 points (Highly Recommended)

Cruzan Spiced Rum "9" St. Croix Rum

Spice, smoke, oak and vanilla come together on a complex offering which is a really good value (under $12).

40% Alcohol

Rating:  91 points (Highly Recommended)

Tommy Bahamas Gold Rum

Vanilla, oak, floral and spice.  Not real concentrated and lacks complexity.

Rating:  85 (Not Recommended for the price)

Mount Gay Rum "Eclipse" Barbados Rum

A little heat with oak, hazelnuts, and water.  Not as concentrated as I would like and a good candiate with a mixer. 

40% Alchohol

Rating:  85 points (Your call)




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