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The Wine Shop at Buon Giorno Italia

Sunday, November 23

$45 Per Person

This was the best wine tasting in Minnesota for 2008.  While all Italian wines, no one offers the wines we sampled over the course of a well organized 3 hour tasting.  I Nonni the Roman Italian Restaurant served a nice buffet of Italian treats.

Here are the reviews I managed to put together over the evening.

The Wine Reviews

Starter Champagne

NV Henriot Champagne

Delicious!  Apple, dough and mineral interwoven together to create one of the best NV Champagnes I have tasted.  92 points

The Whites

Italy is not known for their whites in relationship to their reds however there were a few impressive wines.

2006 Tavignano dei Castelli di Jesi Misco Verdicchio $$$

A floral, crisp style wine with a pleasant finish.  87 points

2007 Ca dei Frati Lugana $$

A fresh wine with grassy, mineral, and apple.  Simple everyday wine.  83 points

2007 Cavalchina Veneto Bianco di Custoza $$

Floral, mineral, and chalk dominate this wine.  85 points

2006 Cavallotto Pinot Nero Blanco

Made from Pinot Noir grapes but the skins are removed prior to fermenting to reveal a lighter color wine.  Mineral, floral, good acidity and clean wine that was one of the best whites of the night.  89 points

2006 Terre Nere Etna Bianco $$$

Too sour and bitter which sets up for a off balanced wine.  A little hint of apple.  Not recommended especially considering the price.  80 points

2007 Cusumano Insolia-Chardonnay Sicilia Angimbe $$

Simple wine with pineapple, apple and minerals.  Refreshing but not strong flavors.  84 points

2006 Vittorio Puiatti Tocai Friulano $$$

Big wine with floral, mineral, orange peal, and spice.  This has a nice finish and showed well among the whites.  89 points

2007 Maurigi Sicilia Viognier $$

A great wine with mineral, cola, floral, orange, and pear.  Nice flow to the wine and drinks well without food.  90 points

2006 Ca' Rugate San Michele Soave Classico $$

Floral, almond, and pear dominate this clean wine.  A hint of sweetness is present.  87 points

2007 Ca Rugate Monte Fiorentine Soave Classico

A single vineyard site makes this great Soave wine.  This has mineral, floral, and great acidity.  It is a clean easy drinking wine.  90 points

2007 Perticaia Spoletino Trebbiano $$$

Full of flavors with mineral, floral, and pear.  This is complex with a multiple of flavors on the finish.  Top white of the night.  92 points


The Barolo's & Piedmont Wines

Barolo's are some of the best wines in the world.  The require some age to soften.


1996 Giuseppe Mascarello & Figlio Santo Stefano di Perno Barolo $$$$

Nice with the bottle age featuring leather, truffles, oak and floral notes.  Some fruit showing through on the finish and a wonderful wine.  92 points

2003 Paolo Scavino Bricco Ambrogio Barolo $$$$$

Very smooth for a young Barolo with raspberry, vanilla, truffles and earth.  Nice finish and currently very drinkable.  93 points

2003 Domenico Clerico Ciabot Mentin Ginestra Barolo $$$$$

Big wine with cherry, tar, mushrooms and strong tannins.  This is a cellar wine for 10 plus years.  90 points currently

2004 Enzo Boglietti Fossati Barolo $$$$

Dark wine with oak, leather and floral notes.   Currently this wine is a tannic beast that needs some serious cellar time to open up.  91 points

2004 Pira Cannubi Barolo $$$$$

Wonderful wine with floral, plum, oak, vanilla and mushrooms on this full bodied wine.  This wine will cellar for 10 to 15 years.  94 points

2004 Hilberg-Pasquero Nebbiolo d'Alba $$$

This wine is not officially a Barolo but contains the Nebbiolo grape.  Very smooth wine with plum, grape jam, oak and minerals.  A fraction of the price from Barolo. 90 points

2004 Andrea Oberto Vigneto Albarella Barolo $$$$$

Wow the best Barolo I have ever tasted with cassis, mint, floral, oak, vanilla, and earth on this massively long finishing wine.  Full of flavor and will age for 20 years.  96 points

2004 Andrea Oberto Vigneto Rocche Barolo $$$$$

Full of flavor like the Albarella and features floral, raspberries, coffee, spices, oak, vanilla and great acidity.  Another cellar wine.  95 points

2004 Andrea Oberto Barolo $$$$

Not as complex as the Rocche and the Albarella but features floral, earth and oak.   A medium finish and not over the top tannic.   88 points


2006 Andrea Oberto Nebbiolo d'Alba $$$

Still featuring the Nebbiolo grape but not from the Barolo Region.  Dust, mint, smoke, leather, and floral weave through the wine and offers a nice experience for the money.  90 points

2006 Annamaria Abbona Dolcetto di Dogliani Maioli $$

Medium bodied wine with some fruits but really tight. Needs a few years to open up so currently 84 points


























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