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Creative Wine Activities


*Temperature Matters

     This activity will look at the same wine served at different temperatures.  Guests don't know that it is the same wine and will judge the two wines. 

*Experiencing Tannins

     Tannins are a sensation in your mouth not a taste.  This activity will introduce the tannic red wines with eating a grape.  As simple as it is the tannic sensation is discovered.

*Does cost Matter?

     Guests will try the same grape variety at different price points.  It is always enjoyable to see a $10 bottle out perform the $100 one.

*Closure Activity

    Many wine drinkers think the best closure is a natural cork.  In this activity guests will have one minute to come up with a one word description of a natural cork, synthetic cork and screw cap.  I will judge the best answers from each group.  The winners might surprise you.

*Terroir Matters

     We will examine Rieslings from the basic Qba level in comparisons to the specific vineyards site that make terroir such an important word in the wine world.

2007 Dr. Loosen "Dr. L" Mosel Riesling vs. 2005 Dr. Loosen Erdener Treppchen Auslese















*Vintage Matters

     Don't believe what local retailers say on vintage; it does matter.  In this activity we will be sampling one of the best producers of Chateauneuf du Pape called Clos des Papes.  In a blind tasting we will sample the 1998 (good vintage), the 2002 (bad vintage) and the 2005 (outstanding vintage).  Guests will analyze the wines in groups to try and pick out the vintages by examining color, tannins, and other features of the wine.


Other activities that can be built into a tasting

*Team Building

*Foods Impact on Wine

*Writing Tasting Notes

*And Much More


John Glas offers the highest level in the Midwest when you combine the following:  Event Planning, Wine Education and Negotiating.  Don't settle for a wine distributor trying to educate your group at your next corporate event as they bore everyone with a lengthy discussion on the producer they represent.





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