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Fun Food & Wine Pairings

This is a new section that will match simple to make or prepare ideas for your next dinner party.

2 Cheeses (July 2009)

Aged Sharp Cheddar

Sampled with a Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Aussie Shiraz

The winner:  Cabernet Sauvignon

While the Pinot was a good match I liked how the Sharp Cheddar really softened the tannic structure of the Cabernet Sauvignon

Pepper Jack

Sampled with Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Aussie Shiraz

The winner:  Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is the most versatile red and pairs well with a wide variety of cheeses.

Steak (June 2009)

Everyone who drinks red wine likes steak with it.  My friend Matt and I grilled steaks and sampled 2 Bordeaux wines with our rib eyes.

2005 Chateau Tourneffeville Lalande-De-Pomeral $$$

Color:  Dark purple

Nose:  Truffles, dark cherries, smoke

Taste:  Floral, spices, truffles, cherry, chalk

Finish:  Good acidity with medium tannins

Evaluation:  Great wine for the money 93 points

2000 Les Gartieux De Pichon LaLande Pauillac $$$

Color:  Medium purple

Nose:  Raspberries, dust, mushrooms, tobacco

Taste:  Cherry, dust, mushrooms, some sweetness, mild tannins

Finish:  Elegant and soft at this stage. 

Evaluation:  A steal at $26 at Wine Streets on sale 91 points

I enjoyed the Tourneffeville better with the steaks as it had more tannic quality.  The more aged Bordeaux would have worked well with a Pork Tenderloin.


Chicken Kabobs (July)

A healthy alternative to meat kabobs. What wine to try with onions, potatoes, peppers and spice seasonings? Pinot Noir

We sampled 2 $25 retail Pinot Noirs (one from Oregon and one from California)

While both were nice on their own the Stangeland was a clear winner in my book.

2006 Wildhorse Central Coast Pinot Noir $$$

Color:  Light purple

Nose:  Floral, raspberries

Taste:  Sweet fruits with floral and minerals

Finish:  Medium

Evaluation:  86 points

2005 Stangeland Stand Sure Vineyard Willamette Valley Pinot Noir $$$

Color:  Medium purple

Nose:  Mushroom, pepper, raspberries

Taste:  Earth dominated with pepper, mushroom, mineral, and some raspberries

Finish:  Medium and multi layered flavors

Evaluation:  A well made wine with five more years of enjoyment 89 points