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Wineglas is the only wine educator that offers the complete world of wine to Minnesota.  Between the free Wineglas Update, professional wine reviews, Master's Degree in Education, the private offline group, the Twin Cities and Minneapolis Wine Clubs, the best wine buying advice, the most innovative teaching techniques...  You get the point!

Don't be fooled by the Cooperative Approach of Wine Educators.  They still will not point you in the right direction of superior wine.  There is a reason that I am recognized as the only professional wine review in the state!

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"Without a good glass you can't taste wine." John Glas Wineglas













General Wine Education Topics

     These general wine education links are just a small sampling to the world of wine. 

*Wine Regions around the World (Check them out in the wine review categories).


*Wine Terms

*Tasting Process Basic

*Wine Tasting Process Detailed

*How to Taste Wine (City Pages Blog)

*Tasting Process Video

Wine Education Tips

Wineglas Classes are a great way to determine your enjoyment of certain grape varieties.  With high quality wine at each class, you can determine if Aussie Shiraz, Chateauneuf du Pape, and California Chardonnay are your cup of tea.

Wineglas features the most researched wines for all events of anyone in the Twin Cities.  Don't be fooled by other Twin Cities Wine Educators that don't post their wines but claim their selections are the best. 

When your budget is $150 per person Wineglas will be the one who picks up the phone and contacts my wine colleagues in Los Angeles or Chicago to get you the finest Vintage Wines period!



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