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Napa Valley Trivia January 2011

1.  Which is not a sub appellation of Napa Valley?

a.  Carneros

b.  Rutherford

c.  Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma

d.  Spring Mountain


2.  What producer made the best Merlot I sampled last year?

a.  Pride

b.  Barnett

c.   Pahlmeyer

d.  Whitehall Lane

3.  Which one of these Napa Valley wineries was founded last?

a.  Charles Krug 1861

b.  Beringer 1876

c.  Inglenook 1879

d.  Louis Martini 1933

e.  Beaulieu Vineyard 1900


4.  What producer does not have local ties to Minnesota?

a.  Ladera

b.  Robert Mondavi

c.  O'Shaughnessy

d.  Pahlmeyer


5.  What percentage of wine is made in Napa Valley in relationship to all of California?

a.  4%

b.  20%

c.  28%

d.  50%


Champagne Trivia November 2010

1.  In Spain they call their sparkling wine which is made via the Champagne method what?

a.  Cava

b.  Bubbles

c.  Dulce

d.  Sekt

e.  Prosecco


2.  What is the top rating for villages within the Champagne region? 

a.  Grandes Marques 

 b.  Premier Cru

c.  89 to 99%

d.  100%

The villages rated 100% offer the best grapes to make the Vintage Champagnes.  This formula does not always work to perfection.


3.  The 3 grapes used in Champagne are?

Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier

4.  Which is not a Champagne House?

a.  Ayala

b.  Perrier-Jouet

c.  Pol Roger

d.  Schramsberg

e.  Veuve Clicquot

Schramsberg is one of the top producers of Sparkling wine in the US.


5.  Which is not a type of Champagne?

a.  Blanc de Blancs

b.  Rose

c.  Brut

d.  Blanc de Noirs

Brut is the sweetness level and the bulk of all Champagne is made in this style.

6.  Which term is not used in Champagne?

a.  Seco

b.  Assemblage

c.  Cuvee

d.  Doux

e.  Riddling



South American Wine Trivia  

March 2010

1.  What is the signature grape variety in Argentina?


2.  Which is not a sub region in the Central Valley (Chile)?

a.  Maipo Valley

b.  Rapel Valley

c.  Atacama

d.  Maule Valley  

3.  Bordeaux grape varieties do well in Chile and Argentina.  Which is not a       Bordeaux grape variety?

a.  Carmenere

b.  Cabernet Sauvignon

c.  Merlot

d.  Pinot Noir (Burgundy)

e.  Malbec  

4.  Chile has never been infected with Phylloxera?

True or False  

They are in a great area shielded by the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

5.  Which producer is not involved in South American wines?

a.  Cliff Lede

b.  Torres

c.  Mondavi

d.  Kendall-Jackson

e.  Franciscan


March 2010

Washington State Wine Trivia:

1.  What is larger in terms of acres of vines?  All of Washington State or Napa 


 2.  Washington State ranks where among states in total case production?


3.  What was the first American Viticultural Area in Washington? 

a.  Columbia Valley

b.  Yakima Valley

c.  Walla Walla

d.  Red Mountain

 4.  What is the only 100 point wine from Washington? 

 5.  The first vines were planted at Fort Vancouver in what year?

a.  1800

b.  1811

c.  1825

d.  1901



1.  Napa Valley   Washington State around 36,000 acres

2. 2nd,  California is about 90% of all wine in the US

3.  Yakima Valley in 1983

4. Quilceda Creek 2002, 2003, 2005

5.  1825 by the Hudson’s Bay Company in Puget Sound AVA


February 2010

Answers below

Super wine geek if you get all six correct!

Bordeaux is to Chateau as Rioja is to _________.

In the US Riesling is dry as in Germany it is _________.

The Southern Rhone is to Grenache as Mendoza is to ________.

Fill in the Blank

These are New World/Old World Joint Venture wines.

1.  Opus One

New World is Mondavi Old World is _______________.

2.  Almaviva

New World is Concha Y Toro Old World is _________________.

3.  Eroica Riesling

New World is Chateau Ste. Michelle Old World is _____________.






1.  Baron Philippe de Rothschild

2.  Baroness Philippe de Rothschild

3.  Ernst Loosen


January 2010

1.  What group in California is dedicated to Rhone Varitieals?

a.  CDP Members

b.  Rhone Rangers

c.  Southern Rhone Club

d.  Santa Ynez Rangers  

2.  Which wine do serious wine drinkers enjoy the most for the price?

a.  Silver Oak

b.  Cakebread Chardonnay

c.  Anderson's Conn Valley Reserve

d.  Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet  

3.  Which of the following areas is most known for Pinot Noir

a.  Napa Valley

b.  Mendocino County

c.  Stags Leap District

d.  Russian River Valley

e.  Santa Cruz Mountains  

4.  What is a blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Petit Verdot called in America?

a.  Meritage

b.  Claret

c.  Bordeaux Blend

d.  Cali Blend  

5.  Where is the best vineyard site in Napa Valley?

a.  Spring Mountain

b.  To Kalon Vineyards

c.  Rutherford

d.  Howell Mountain   


New Wine Trivia Germany     

This months trivia will be to see what you know without looking up the answers.  Have your wine snob neighbor see how they do and maybe they won't brag so much anymore.  

5 out of 5 wine geek 3 or 4 out of 5 amateur wine geek 2 out of 5 get to a wine class 1 out of 5 really get to a wine class 0 out of 5 drink Two Buck Chuck and call it a day


1.  The highest quality wines are categorized with which initials?

a.  Qba

b.  QpO

c.  Vma

d.  QmP  

Stands for Qualitatswein mit Pradikat also means quality wine with special attributes.

2.  The best slopes on the Mosel River face what direction?  

South or Southwest

3.  Which is not a world class Riesling Producer on the Mosel River?

a.  Fritz Haag

b.  Dr. Loosen

c.  Von Othegraven

d.  Selbach-Oster

e.  Gunderloch  

4.  What does this mean?  Urziger Wurzgarten

Urziger-  This is a tiny village on the Mosel River.  They add the er to the town of Urzig

Wurzgarten-  The vineyard site within the town which is known for high quality Riesling.  Also known as the "Spice Garden."

5.  What is the Gold Cap?

a.  A screw cap

b.  A select, higher quality wine

c.  To differentiate the same ripeness level

d.  Marketing

e.  None of the above  

One of the more confusing German phrases.  Gold Caps can differentiate an Auslese of the same producer based on quality and ripeness levels however there is no official system to determine what receives the gold cap seal.

Bonus   Which is the best vintage of the following for Mosel Riesling?

a.  1999

b.  2002

c.  2004

d.  2005 (We might not see a worldwide vintage like this again!)

e.  2006

August Trivia

1.  Which is not a Bordeaux First Growth?

a.  Petrus

b.  Lafite-Rothschild

c.  Margaux

d.  Latour

e.  Montrose  

Petrus is the best wine in Pomerol and is Merlot based wine.  In Pomerol there is no classification system.   Montrose is a 2nd Growth and one of the best values in all of Bordeaux.


2.  Who is the father of Oregon Wine and known as Papa Pinot?

a.  David Adelsheim

b.  Josh Bergstrom

c.  Dick Earth

d.  David Lett

In the 60s they said David was crazy for thinking he could make world class Pinot Noir.  His winery Eyrie produced incredible wines and the rest is history.


3.  What is the home of the best Pinot Gris in the World?

a.  Hunter Valley

b.  Alsace

c.  Willamette Valley

d.  The Veneto

e.  Tuscany  

Alsace makes world class Pinot Gris and it is expensive.  Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio) from Italy for the most part is watered down, poorly made wine.  My favorite producer from Italy is Livio Felluga.  The best Pinot Grigio/Gris for under $10 is from Washington State.

4.  Which pairing is off?

a.  Domaine- Burgundy

b.  Chateau- Bordeaux

c.  Weingut- Mosel

d.  Bodega- Provence

e. Fattoria- Tuscany  

Bodega is a Spanish term that means winery.

5.  Name the signature grape of the following Regions:  

a.  Barossa Valley- Shiraz

b.  Marlborough- Sauvignon Blanc

c.  Napa Valley- Cabernet

d.  Champange-  Need both Pinot Noir & Chardonnay

e.  Riberia del Duero- Tempranillo (Super Geek if you said Tinto Fino)

f.  Piedmont- Nebbiolo

g.  Beaujolais- Gamay Grape

Look for Beaujolais from Moulin-a-Vent and Morgon as they are a step up in quality.

If you got Five out of five without any resources we will put you on the wall of fame in the trivia section.


June Trivia

1.  What does Bodega mean?  

A wine cellar or producer of wine in Spain.

2. What term mean that the wine is aged the longest?

a.  Reserva

b.  Crianza

c.  Gran Reserva

d.  Superior Reserva  

Gran Reserva are aged five years (not necessarily all in oak, sometimes in the bottle).  These wines are also using the best grapes in every region.

3.  Which wine region is not known for red wine?

a.  Rioja

b.  Priorat

c.  Rias Baixes

d.  Ribera del Duero

Rias Baixes is known for the Albarino grape.

4.  The most planted  red grape in Spain is?

a.  Garnacha

b.  Tempranillo

c.  Malvar

d.  Merlot  

Garnacha which is called Grenache outside of Spain.

5.   The main event wine from Spain is?

a.  Vega-Sicilia Unico

b.  Bodegas Alejandro Fernandez Pesquera

c.  Bodegas Y Vinedos Alion

Vega-Sicilia Unico is one of the best wines I have ever sampled.


May Trivia

1.  The best wine tasting for the money is?

a.  The Food & Wine Show

b.  Winefest

c.  Hennepin Lake Summer Tasting  

Landslide Winner!

2.  The home of Cabernet Sauvignon is?

a.  Burgundy

b.  Tuscany

c.  Napa Valley

d.  Bordeaux 

3.  The most over priced Napa wine of the following is?

a.  Opus One

b.  Cliff Lede

c.  Waterstone

d.  Seavey  

Anyone who has a large collection of Opus One needs me to help buy for them.

4.  Which country is not known for great Cabernet?

a.  Argentina

b.  Chile

c.  Australia

d.  US

e.  France  

Malbec capital of the world.

5.  Which bank in France produces the best Cab based wines?  

Left Bank

6.  Which grape is rarely blend with Cab?

a.  Malbec

b.  Shiraz

c.  Merlot

d.  Zinfandel

e.  Petite Verdot



1.  What is the primary grape found in the white wine Soave?

a.  Chardonnay

b.  Garganega

c.  Trebbiano

d.  Pinot Grigio

2.  Which 2 grape varieties are grown in Piedmont?

a.  Barbera & Sangiovese

b.  Barolo & Barbaresco

c.  Barbera & Nebbiolo

d.  Brunello & Barolo

3.  The seal on Chianti Classico reveals what animal?

a.  A pig

b.  A rooster

c.  A lamb

d.  A chicken

4.  Which 2 countries have made high quality wine the longest?

a.  Italy and France

b.  Italy and Spain

c.  France and Spain

d.  France and Germany

5.  The most famous sparking wines in Italy are (pick 2)

a.  Asti

b.  Cava

c.  Sekt

d.  Prosecco

e.  Champagne

6.  Which is not a wine region found in Italy?

a.  Veneto

b.  Provence

c.  Sicily

d.  Alto Adige



1.  What is the same grape as Pinot Grigio?

a.  Pinot Blanc

b.  Pinot Gris

c.  Pinot Nero

d.  Pinotage  

2.  The home of Chardonnay is what region?

a.  Bordeaux

b.  Alsace

c.  Burgundy

d.  Loire  

3.  Germany's best vineyard sites are along the Rhine River & the Mosel

4.  The top 3 countries for Sauvignon Blanc are France, the U.S. and __________?

a.  Germany

b.  South Africa

c.  Canada

d.  New Zealand    

5.  The highest alcohol % of the following is?

a.  German Riesling

b.  California Chardonnay

c.  Washington State Riesling

d.  White Burgundy  



1.  Wine experts say that this is the best white wine in the world?

a.  Sauvignon Blanc

b.  Pinot Grigio

c.  Riesling

d. Albarino  

German Rieslings are the best value in the world.  They are a fraction of the price of White Burgs and more consistent in quality.

2.  Most white wines can be cellared for five or more years?

True or False  

Drink up.  Unless you buy German Riesling or White Burgundy drink them within six months.  Those California Chardonnay's from the mid 80s are vinegar

3.  The 3 types of wine are Sparkling, Fortified, and ________ wine?

a.  House

b.  Everyday

c. QmP

d.  Table  

Table wines cost anywhere from $2 a bottle to $20,000 plus.

4.  Sparkling wine is made from just Chardonnay and Pinot Noir?

True or False  

Sparkling wine is made from a large variety of grapes.

5.  Which is not a white wine?

a.  Chenin Blanc

b.  Viognier

c.  Pinot Gris

d.  Pinot Blanc

e.  Barbera

Barbera is one of my favorite reds under $15.



1.  True or False Bordeaux is the most famous wine region in the world?  

True.  They have been making great wine for centuries

2.  True or False Every vintage is a good one in Bordeaux?  

False.  Most vintages are good but few are outstanding like 2005

3.  White Bordeaux is which 2 grapes

a.  Chardonnay & Chenin Blanc

b.  Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc

c.  Chenin Blanc & Semilion

d.  Sauvignon Blanc & Semilion  

Can be dry or sweet in style

4.  Sweet whites are from what sub-region of Bordeaux?


5.  The best Bordeaux Vintage in recent memory was?

a.  2000

b.  2001

c.  2003

d.  2005  

The best vintage in a long while although 2000 is great also


Old Answers

1.  Which wine is not a first growth?

a.  Mouton Rothschild

b.  Petrus (Most expensive of the lot and still not first growth status due to the area it is grown in)

c.  Latour

d.  Haut-Brion  

2.  The US calls a Bordeaux Blend?

a.  Claret

b.  Cabernet Franc

c.  Meritage (Sometimes appears on the bottle)

d.  Grand Cru  

3.  Which is not a Sub Region of Bordeaux?

a.  Pomeral

b.  Saint-Emilion

c.  Graves

d.  Rhone (Known for Grenache and Syrah)  

4.  The top grape variety from the Right Bank is?

a.  Cabernet Sauvignon

b.  Cabernet Franc

c.  Malbec

d.  Merlot (Most planted grape in all of Bordeaux and the chief ingredient for the $2,000 plus 2005 Petrus)  

5.  True or False Bordeaux Red Wines should be cellared?

True.  Most Bordeaux Blends need five to thirty years of cellaring depending on their cost.

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